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Custom Pumpers

 A Smeal Custom Pumper is just that - truly custom designed to your specific needs. 

We specialize in listening to our customers. Our knowledgeable, experienced sales force and engineering staff will work diligently with your department truck committee to achieve a truck designed to its maximum capability and efficiency.

Our customers tell us that the support we provide them sets us apart from other fire apparatus manufacturers. We are conscientious about post-delivery service and support. Our goal is to earn the respect and loyalty of all our customers and to provide today's firefighters with the best custom apparatus available.

Body Features

Adapter, Turndowns, Caps & Plugs

The Smeal standard is chrome plated brass, with options for aluminum style. We package them for delivery inside the truck so they do not get damaged or lost in route.

Crosslay Webbing

Webbing on the crosslays is just one of the many methods Smeal offers to hold the hose in the crosslays. We also offer vinyl and even treadplate options.

GS-36 Substructure

Smeal started with the idea of isolating the body from the frame to prevent undue stress, incorporated the tank cradle and ultra strong tow eye into the design, and constructed it with 36,000 psi galvanized steel.

Notched Running Boards

We have a standard 74" wide pump house. So, if you have a piston relief valve that may not clear the running board, you can always order a notched running board. Note: Most PRVs do clear.

QL-12 Electrical System

The Smeal QL-12 Electrical System is the next generation of electrical systems in the fire apparatus industry. The Quick Link design features plug-style connections and greater reliability.

Secondary Valve Guides

When a control rod to a valve is at an increased angle, we take the extra step to add a guide to keep the control rod from binding.

Smeal Traditional Rear Deck

This is the Smeal Traditional Rear Deck, which incorporates fire extinguisher compartments and a full width rear step area to aid in loading hose. It is better known as the "Buffalo Butt".

Speedlays Ahead of the Pump

One of the many crosslay and speedlay configurations available.

Three Cylinder Air Bottle Compartment

Also available in a four cylinder version for smaller air bottles. Utilizes the same door and space as the three bottle design. The storage area is rubber lined and lighted.

Lettering and Striping

Chevron, Front Bumper

Another location for chevron reflective material.

Chevron, Rear

Just one of MANY variations. We offer it in red/yellow, blue/white and others if you prefer.

Chevron, Shelf Ends

Not only have we placed it on the shelving, we have installed it on the ends of lift up doors, pull out partitions, pull-out trays and the inside of cab doors. It's all for added safety.

Door Lettering

Available in many styles, shadows, outlines, etc. We will match as close to your existing fleet as we can.

Lettering on Rear

Large or small, reflective, vinyl, on roll-up doors or aluminum panels.

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