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Fire Trucks

We take our commitment to delivering the fire trucks you need and deserve very seriously. Smeal fire trucks are built from the ground up to meet every specification, with thousands of ways to customize. Choices extend to pretty much every aspect of your new fire truck, including what type of body material you want – 1/8” and 3/16” aluminum, and stainless steel. Our plan is to give you what you want.


Smeal aerials deliver the strongest wet tip load ratings in the industry. When you need high performance, Smeal aerials are the answer....


Built to be tough and strong through years of service, Smeal platforms provide high tip load ratings, a large platform basket, and controls that provide smooth, precise movement of...


When you need a tractor drawn aerial (TDA) because less manueverability just won't get the job done, LTC TDAs provide the solution you've been looking for. Compact, highly maneuve...


Customization is the hallmark of all Smeal pumpers. ...

Custom Chassis

Your chassis choice is always a driving factor in specing your new truck. That's why Smeal offers a selection of premium, custom fire chassis. The Smeal Sirius, Sirius II, S450 a...


Stainless steel tankers designed and built by US Tanker Co., a Smeal subsidiary, deliver premier performance and unmatched durability. ...


Whether a classic Type III or Type VI wildland, or a customized 4x4 pumper with high angle of approach to handle everything from city streets to houses in the hinterlands, Smeal de...

Stock Trucks

Smeal has a selection of stock trucks available for quick delivery....

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